Bumblebee Transformer of the Autobots

Inarguably the most beloved Autobot after the great Optimus Prime, Bumblebee Transformer is brave and fiercely devoted to the cause of any good Autobot. One of the smaller Transformers overall, Bumblebee more than makes up for his modest size with a certain fearlessness that has come to be regarded by his fellow Autobots as indispensable.

In Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon, Bumblebee was the official protector of the human main character, Sam Witwicky. Staying mostly true to his 1980s character as a human-befriending, generally upbeat Transformer, Bumblebee did undergo some drastic physical changes, all of which had the effect of making him a more believable warrior. His Volkswagen Beetle alt-mode experienced a complete overhaul – all except the vibrant yellow color – to a modern Camaro.

His self-doubt, stemming from constantly trying to prove himself to his larger brethren in the comics and cartoons, is largely shelved in the Transformers franchise, and Bumblebee’s modified persona and battle acumen enable him to take on the likes of the Decepticon Barricade, defeating him handily.

Bumblebee’s alt-mode has become significantly weaponized in Dark of the Moon, so much so that you never feel the need to “call in the cavalry” when he encounters a serious threat, as the once little-yellow-car seems more than capable of taking on the enemy, all by himself.

Although his allegiance and care for his Autobot teammates is without question, Bumblebee does seem more inclined to be with and look after humans, instead. With an annoying voice box that can’t seem to get fixed, even with advanced robot technology, he speaks using entertaining radio voices with a warmth and humor to human beings that must rankle the gruff Ironhide.

The Autobot, to whom Bumblebee looks up the most, is of course Optimus Prime; regards the great Prime as an almost mythical figure. So much so that Bumblebee’s penchant for self-sacrifice for the cause of good is a conscious mimicry of Prime’s own.

With the constant threat of the Decepticon menace, Bumblebee Transformer’s energy cannons and ever-sharpening fighting ability are always ready to aid the downtrodden; and, though he has graduated from being merely the robot sidekick of Sam Witwicky, he is always ready to be at his side in a moment’s notice.

Transformers: Age of Extinction goes ever deeper into the Transformers mythos, establishing the fabled Dinobots as a part of the Autobot crew. In fact, it seems that Grimlock is more Optimus Prime’s charge than any other, and this becomes rivetingly-clear as the movie opens.